Lightspeed is nu
MEV gecertificeerd in Québec

MEV made easy

Things just got a whole lot easier for restaurant owners in Quebec. Local restaurants can now take orders, manage their tables, run reports and oversee their businesses all from a cloud-based iPad mobile point of sale.

Lightspeed POS is now certified to work with the province’s modules d'enregistrement des ventes (MEV), which were made mandatory for restaurants four years ago. Lightspeed’s cloud-based point of sale system is the first of its kind to get approval from the Quebec government. Until now, the modules have only worked with point of sale systems without a cloud component.

With Lightspeed’s MEV certification, restaurant owners in the province are now able to use a modern iPad POS system to run their restaurant. The software was launched elsewhere in Canada last year, offering point of sale, business management, and customer analytics technology.

How MEV works Since November 2011, MEV has been used by the government to keep a record of every restaurant transaction. They send sales information to Revenue Quebec and print receipts with a special bar code as proof the sale has been registered with the province. The system is meant to ensure the correct application of the Quebec Sales Tax; those who don’t install the MEV box face fines up to $100,000.

Same requirements coming for bars

Same requirements coming for bars

Soon, Quebec bars will also need to have the module. The province passed the new requirement for bars into law last year, but haven’t yet put it into effect. After several delays to give businesses more time to adapt, the province is expected to do so later this year or early next year. Many bar owners are concerned about what the box could mean for business.

How do you get started? Lightspeed can install the hardware for you and our free onboarding session for all new customers will answer any questions that you may have. Following the session, our technical support team will be there to help you along if new questions arise. Talk to one of our restaurant specialists and find out how MEV will affect your restaurant!