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Compatibel met:
  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series)
  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (L-Series)
  • Afbeeldingen

The integration between Orderli and Lightspeed is seamless and provides real-time synchronisation. Any changes made in Lightspeed’s system are immediately reflected in Orderli, ensuring accurate menu items and pricing. When a customer places an order through Orderli, whether via a QR code or website, the information is sent directly to Lightspeed’s POS system. This enables immediate order processing and payment, streamlining the entire restaurant operation. The integration eliminates manual entry, reduces errors and improves the customer experience, resulting in increased customer loyalty and profitability for restaurants.

  • Custom HTML/CSS: Orderli allows for deep customisation through custom HTML and CSS, allowing restaurants to fully align the platform with their brand identity.
  • Personalised upselling: Orderli’s upselling features are tailored to each guest, using real-time data to offer relevant add-ons, increasing both revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Complete experience: Orderli offers taste tests to provide a complete dining experience that goes beyond food and service.
  • Extensive integrations: The platform integrates seamlessly with multiple third-party services, enriching menu data and optimising operational efficiency.

Step effortlessly into the future of dining with Orderli. Based in the Netherlands and backed by American investors, we offer a turnkey solution that does it all for you. From hyper-personalised upselling to unmatched customisation via HTML/CSS, we set it all up – no time investment required. Our seamless third-party integrations enrich your menu and operations, making your restaurant the place to be. Increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and let your brand shine while we handle the details. With Orderli, upgrading your restaurant is as easy as saying yes.



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